New fridge magnets

I have no shame!

I had a batch made earlier using this image. [via Zazzle who do a pretty good job.]

drawing of cat

But sitting in my folders was similar image that needed brightening up a little so it stood out more from its background. Both are made with Flamepainter (an Escapemotions product), but for lifting the light I used Corel’s Paint Shop Pro which gives me more control over the brush. Here’s the result:

drawing of cat

It was originally called ‘Fuse’ because only the end of the tail was truly bright and who hasn’t been on the wrong end of a cat with that fizzing flicking thing going on! Now it’s brighter all round so it needs a new name. Any ideas?

PS There may be lap trays; I’ll post a photo when the first two arrive from Yoosh. 

PPS Another candidate? This was also made in Flamepainter but with some fine detail added in Rebelle3, also be Escapemotions.

drawing of cat

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