This is a digital painting programme made by Escapemotions who also make Rebelle. But unlike Rebelle which mimics the behaviour of actual paint on canvas (and if I can figure out how, I’ll make a short video to post here), Flamepainter is pure cat herding. With each iteration, I promise myself I’ll take some time to pin down the functions of the brushes and try to exercise some control over their output, and each time I give up at the point I’ve produced, by sheer serendipity, something that pleases me.

This was yesterday’s effort, a composition achieved by selecting a couple of brushes, changing their size, definition, and chaos dimensions, then hanging on for dear life. It reminded me of a migraine but I called it Vision just to make it more generalisable to an observer’s own particular ocular nightmare. Christmas shopping headache, Boxing Day hangover, that sort of thing. Voila.


Meanwhile, do take a look at Eric Geusz’s unique approach to potato peelers (amongst other things).

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