As the internal conflict ramps up …

Today I’m simultaneously fretting over a still life on my OCA blog and sorting pieces for my first venture into commerce due to happen at the village hall on November 24th. Admittedly, the first involves an Alien sculpted out of scrap metal that behaves like an Escher when I try to draw it, a hatchling dragon still in its egg, and a pot cat with a cataract so, y’know. But it’s still the exposure of wildly differing assumptions of competence that makes for an interesting experience of what psychological integrity is all about. Nevertheless, fresh from the studio [and note picture of said studio as proof] …


I bring you …



… originals (framed), prints (mounted and wrapped), and cards (mostly cats because, well, cats). Also, diversifying into trinketry and the more functional, there are snow globes and fridge magnets. For entertainment, I’ll be trying to calculate change.


I promised an Alien didn’t I?


You know how you never really saw it in the film? Well you can’t really see it here either.

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