Insightful madness

That’s today. Why? Because on the one hand I’m dithering over a warm-up exercise for the drawing course (a warm-up exercise!) and on the other I’m pricing up art work for the forthcoming village Christmas Fair in November. If anything says conflicted more than the fear of not being able to make temporary patterns with crumbs or water or, in my case, cold coffee, set against assigning a public value to your own paintings then I don’t want to meet it in a dark alley.

Here’s the cold coffee, and if you aren’t seeing colliding galaxies, swirling star systems, and that bit in 2001: a Space Odyssey where Dave hurtles down that cosmic tunnel to who-knows-where, then one of us is obviously in trouble.

3 thoughts on “Insightful madness

  1. All the best with the fair- like your ‘trouble’ writing style 😉 interesting in combination with the fleeting patterns in the cup – kind of dark whole – what if this would have been a white cup?


      1. Haha – white cup – the question was more related to how context – in drawing background or negative space – has an influence on how you perceive the work (your tutor might talk about this) – never mind


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