drawing of cautious catThis should have been obvious and if I’d held my horses instead of plunging headlong into getting a blog up and running (procrastination, I suspect, beats getting the frighteners by looking at an actual assignment) it would have dawned at a more timely point in the process. This course is Drawing 1, and it’s called that because there will be a Drawing 2. Also a Painting 1 and a Painting 2, another unit I haven’t chosen yet, and a final year negotiated element. That’s six different units with six different sets of requirements and WordPress can only accommodate one template at a time.

Still, like dated copies of Private Eye which make excellent compost, nothing is ever lost if you can re-purpose it. Solution? Construct the six required blogs with the free WordPress option, and keep this one – which is not free because I bought the domain name and that’s how headlong that rush was – as my main arty site. The good news is I only need to make one at a time; I can back up my old sketchbooks here (and who knew that was even a thing?), and re-define the menu headers to suit. Also there’s now at least another afternoon of procrastination to keep me off the edge.

Lesson: be less horse, more cat.


*Cat is on the desk, keyboard is on my knee. This is why a sitting-at-the-table easel is pointless.


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