First Post

In case you have stumbled in here from somewhere else and you’re wondering what this is about, this is my obligatory first post under the auspices of the OCA BA(Hons) Fine Art degree. If you stick around, there’s likely to be all kinds of art work pitching up, some of it humiliatingly inept, but some I’ll be proper chuffed with. We might even agree on which is which sometimes!

This isn’t my only WordPress blog, so you’d think setting it up would be a doddle, but this is a course template with its own categories so I’m not sure yet if this is the blog or if I’m messing where I shouldn’t be messing. I expect someone will say. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of pre-course sketchbook action. The one on the left is an imagined cityscape in inks, the other – well – a fish(!) also in inks. The inks were new; a gift from my sister last Christmas, basically telling me to stop faffing with image editing software and get my fingers stained like a proper artist should. I managed that bit alright.

photo of sketchbook



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