Virtual tour of the RA Summer exhibition

This came to me via a fellow OCA traveller in one of our groups. I can’t say anything about it just now because I’m less than half way through and it’s too exquisite for casual words. This though, this use of technology to open art up to a larger audience, to give us room to see without the crush of crowds, to let us pause the video to look for longer at something that takes our attention; this is the way forward, this is how to engage the audiences who might never visit a gallery in their lives. Watch full … Continue reading Virtual tour of the RA Summer exhibition

Royal Academy and Virtual Reality This was a BBC documentary and I can find no trace of it now. In it, several artists, including Gormley and Hockney, were introduced to the use of virtual reality in creating pieces of art work for the Royal Academy. Wearing headsets and flailing around in apparently empty air, they had to get to grips with this novel medium and somehow tame it – or at least render it harmless – within a given time-frame. I thought the outcomes were variable and that some of the artists at least would never touch the idea again, but that, as … Continue reading Royal Academy and Virtual Reality