Part 3, research point 3 – figures in interiors

Fitting the brief of paintings that appeal to me, I went first for Degas and his dancers in studio contexts. That led inevitably to his antithesis, Paula Rego and her dancing ostriches which are altogether less delicate. Stuck a little in ‘dancer’ mode, I spotted a painting by someone called Colin whose figures are very nearly symbolic (and which may or may not be in an interior setting), then I pursued the brief in more modern terms with a piece by Grayson Perry which is a crowded and cluttered interior which is recognisably a ‘today’ scene , and finally a … Continue reading Part 3, research point 3 – figures in interiors

Brighton galleries

Where can you see Banksy, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry, Sir Peter Blake, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, and Billy Connolly originals within a few yards of each other in right-on-the-street galleries? Brighton. There’s a detailed account of these galleries on my Drawing blog. Castle Fine Art – Lanes. Dylan, Wood, Connolly Kellie Miller – no photos. Art Republic – Banksy, Hurst, Perry, Blake Continue reading Brighton galleries