Insightful madness

That’s today. Why? Because on the one hand I’m dithering over a warm-up exercise for the drawing course (a warm-up exercise!) and on the other I’m pricing up art work for the forthcoming village Christmas Fair in November. If anything says conflicted more than the fear of not being able to make temporary patterns with crumbs or water or, in my case, cold coffee, set against assigning a public value to your own paintings then I don’t want to meet it in a dark alley. Here’s the cold coffee, and if you aren’t seeing colliding galaxies, swirling star systems, and that bit … Continue reading Insightful madness


This should have been obvious and if I’d held my horses instead of plunging headlong into getting a blog up and running (procrastination, I suspect, beats getting the frighteners by looking at an actual assignment) it would have dawned at a more timely point in the process. This course is Drawing 1, and it’s called that because there will be a Drawing 2. Also a Painting 1 and a Painting 2, another unit I haven’t chosen yet, and a final year negotiated element. That’s six different units with six different sets of requirements and WordPress can only accommodate one template … Continue reading Discovery


Unexpected delivery today definitely merited special attention. It took three minutes to make a video, then the rest of the day trying to clip three seconds of possibly confidential material out of it.  Result? Apart from ground down teeth and a little extra hair loss, I’ve made my first vlog and got a tentative grip on a new video editing app which feels like a proper win. Warning: may contain clunks. Continue reading Unboxing

First Post

In case you have stumbled in here from somewhere else and you’re wondering what this is about, this is my obligatory first post under the auspices of the OCA BA(Hons) Fine Art degree. If you stick around, there’s likely to be all kinds of art work pitching up, some of it humiliatingly inept, but some I’ll be proper chuffed with. We might even agree on which is which sometimes! This isn’t my only WordPress blog, so you’d think setting it up would be a doddle, but this is a course template with its own categories so I’m not sure yet … Continue reading First Post