Evaluative statement

Video and summary of key points.

Audio made with Voice Recorder for iPhone, video editing and effects in Filmora 10. Art work my own original pieces from the course.

UPM audio – summary of points

So many things to talk about – focus on formative feedback

Simplicity and over-working

a. Tondo moment
b. Quick not fussy
c. The less relaxed the work is, the less it’s itself.
d. There’s more vacuum in space than matter (dark matter aside)


a. Leaving gaps
b. Letting the work breathe
c. Using space and liminals as part of the whole
d. And letting some of those escape

My key drivers:

a. Communication, accessibility, inclusivity
b. Story telling: art and literature both tell stories, films clearly do, and science has threads of imaginative thinking running through every experiment and hypothesis. This is where the magic lies; the ability to engage others in something they’d never thought worth a second glance.
i. Giving rise to the need for ‘hand made’ authenticity
ii. And in the 21st digital century, a need for ‘added value’, a door opener. For me that’s
iii. Animations and video, both with a piece of physical work at its core. I’ve linked to the padlet where these are aggregated.

Conscious and unconscious processing.

Familiar territory to me but not as an artist. Now I’m finding that, with increasing confidence, I can trust my multi-modal unconscious to direct my brush in ways that don’t constrain it as would my pernickety linear conscious task master.

Research and influences.

Always hard pressed to identify these because of the ‘composting’
we talked a lot about. That process of breaking down literality into its essence. When pushed, I would say much of my drive comes from literature, films, music, and having a range of interests that encompasses ‘the domestic to the cosmic’ as my tutor put it. My work reflects this, after all if atoms can be in two places at once anywhere in the universe then at least one of mine is simultaneously watching TV through the gap between a cat’s ears and whistling through the Martian atmosphere. I know it also reflects the work of artistic imagery I’ve seen over the years. I just struggle to pull their names out of the compost. But my recall is gradually improving and I’m less reliant on recognition memory now.

Final words.

It’s been a struggle and I’ve fought this module all the way, but with the depth of conversations I’ve had in tutorials, the humour and the insights, I believe something much better has emerged than if I’d simply ‘gone along’ passively with everything that was required. I don’t think anything truly creative happens unless there’s an edge, some friction to create sparks. My edges aren’t sharp yet and my sparks wouldn’t light an old Woodbine but I’m optimistic for the next stage.

449 words


Accustomed to using lists or slides such as this as talking points and absolutely doing that, the audio track had to be whittled down to from eleven to the max six! This was achieved with focused strategic cuts and savage random slashes. It’s some while to the submission deadline; there could be another iteration.

Post subject to editing/alteration up to the date of submission.

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