Totally Fungible #2

But I’m calling this Spring. It’s from a photo of my white camellia that turns brown at the first hint of rain.

Again on 8″ x 10″ canvas board with a gloss priming layer, a wash of bright green with longitudinal dribbles, and some flower-shaped marks made by wiping with a cloth.

The rest is collage from two sources; the photo and a piece of film I’d used in the previous mushroom picture to transfer paint from one surface to another. It had some nice pinkish browns on it and some rough textured white.

This is the beginning of the arrangement. I’ve found that, rather than cut to a plan, I prefer to cut to aesthetic preference and then let the shapes dictate their position. This image shows the photographic elements partially covered with film.
Finished piece with biro marks making flower and grass shapes between the glued elements.

Could be another in this vein if I find the right photo before the bright greens turn darker for the summer.

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