MoMA Drawing a Day Challenge: Day 6

Something odd has happened at the MoMA site, assuming there’s nothing odd about being the only one posting anything and talking to yourself there for a week. This new odd is first the site has stopped permitting contractions, the ‘it’s’, ‘I’ll’ ‘couldn’t‘ variety, and second is it either isn’t accepting any more images or there are three drawings of a tent up there somewhere I can’t see.

Anyway. Tent. Here it is.

Made in acrylic pens on glossy photo paper. The medium flows and you can blend it while it’s wet but then if you put another layer of colour onto a dried layer (it dries very fast) and try to blend, it scratches out leaving a kind of grunge effect. These pens come in various sizes; the block colour was done using 5mm tips and some of the tiny marks with extra fine tip pens.

This may be it then. Perhaps their seven days started before mine.

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