MoMA drawing-a-day challenge, Day 1

It’s only a week, not the 40 years the inspiration for this put in! José Antonio Suárez Londoño has apparently made a drawing every day as part of his art practice and the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan has put out the call for artists to give this a go.

Inks, watercolour pencils, and soft pastels in an A5 sketch book. This is the ‘new view’ from inside my new studio. There’s tidying up to do out there, and settling in to do in here but it’s already wonderful with its all-round light that changes with the hours, its LEDS that make evening working more possible, and its smooth vinyl floor that accommodates a tiny tennis ball for the cats to chase.

How did I get this call to arms? I did an online course on post war abstract painting with MoMA a year or so back. History in small lectures, videos, and some have-a-go practice. I definitely got more from that than from a book.

MoMA, Manhattan

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