Part 5, project 1, exercise 2 – dripping, dribbling, and spattering paint

The demands of this exercise – putting a large piece of paper on the floor, covering floor and furniture with newspaper, then applying paint by dripping, dribbling, and spattering it onto the paper using large household brushes – are ones I can’t meet. I have no usable space of this kind and a back injury prevents me from adopting the physical position required. I have to be upright with my back straight.

I’m going to argue that I have experimented with very loose applications of paint in the past, that I am unlikely ever to incorporate this technique in my practice for the reasons given above, and that this is the first exercise I have missed.

Much as current circumstances make throwing paint at something an attractive notion, I will regretfully opt out and cite as substitute, project 2, exercise 2 here.



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