Part 2, Project 3, Exercise 3

Replicated from a previous post in which my ability to keep track of my parts, projects, and exercises was exposed to be lacking. After some tutor feedback encouraging experimentation (also ‘try not to make a picture’ but let’s park that one for now!), this is what throwing acrylic gesso-prepped support [<– new word for my artist’s lexicon], pastels, oil pastels, and inks looks like in a first draft [is there a word for that?].


The white strokes down the centre are new gesso as I’d messed up (in my view) the transition between the first object and the second. When it’s dry, I can add the yellow tone with first pastel and then oil crayon. I want the tin and the little bottle to be almost suggestions, the way they would be in full sunlight when you can’t really focus on them for the brightness. The large red vase has an oriental design on it which I’ve intimated at with inks. The oil crayon layer resists the ink so it trickles down in tiny rivulets and I scraped some of those with a calligraphy pen that has teeth on the end. The gesso is both vertical and horizontal which allows for different textures to be picked out with crayon media. I’ll come back to it tomorrow, meanwhile this is what happens when an online seller sends you an unsealed bottle of lippy and doesn’t want it back.


The dark blue is NYX Moscow, the rest pastels. I’ve discovered I like smudging the outlines as if the objects are moving. Which they are, at whatever the speed of rotation of the earth, the earth around the sun, and the sun around the centre of the galaxy adds up to.

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