Dancing Her Black Bones Home

This is from one of my own, as yet unpublished, stories (it nearly made it, nearly earned its keep, but the journal folded before publication so Rats!). It’s called Black Bones after the story’s title, Dancing her Black Bones Home, which is about a young deaf woman who is treated as stupid by her small community and eventually finds herself on a pebbly beach trying to work out her place in the world and her relationship with the religion she’s grown up with.

painting of sea and beach with silhouetted person


Acrylics on 8×10 canvas board with a cut out figure in silhouette at the bottom. That was originally stark white but I reconsidered after realising that actually white was the last colour it should be. I’m very drawn to sea and waves, surges and tides. The strength of them and their unthinking power over us. Cosmic influences illustrated right there on the beach twice a day. This one’s quite textured too – I’m fond of a palette knife!


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