The deep space potato peeler

Introducing Eric Geusz, a sci fi fanatic who finds interstellariness in everything.

space ship drawing and image of potato peeler
From an (undated) article by Rokas L in Bored Panda, accessed 27/11/18

Looking at his work and the sources of his inspiration is a little like having a window created in a wall that didn’t have one before. Suddenly it’s possible to see what drawing can be if you both look very carefully at your model and also see what it could be if it weren’t a mundane thing from your kitchen drawer. It’s as if he’s found the alter egos of these implements, their secret lives, what they do when we’re not paying attention. It’s playful but not disrespectful of the substance of the item – he’s very faithful to that. This is a skin only visible to him; or maybe what we see is a cloaking device* and the reality is what Geusz exposes.


*If you haven’t seen Star Trek, I’m afraid I can’t help you!

Bored Panda article is here.

Geusz is  Spacegooose on Instagram (note the triple O in goose) and has a gallery on Artstation

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