Part 5 – personal project, sketches and ideas #1

There’s nothing like being given free rein for scattering any half-formed ideas to the winds. I’ve been thinking of basing my submission around four themed pieces employing styles found in Turner’s Fishermen on a Lee-shore, Klee’s Golden Fish, Hokusai’s Great Wave, and Hambling’s series of paintings of towering waves. I’d thought to copy those pieces in different media (soft pastel for the Turner, for instance) thereby introducing my own style, and bring in text that related to each period. Then I remembered a poem called The Steeplejack by Marianne Moore which, in its first verse, says: Dürer would have seen … Continue reading Part 5 – personal project, sketches and ideas #1

Eight Stranded Whales

Not long after surprising myself with the painting drawn from Oonah Joslin’s poem, I was struck by a whole bunch of images coming from a poem by Marianne Moore that I heard on Radio Four’s Poetry Please (I’m laughing at myself here because goodness knows how I stumbled over that – I’m a proper BBC6Music kinda girl! It is Roger McGough though). It’s called The Steeple-Jack and I was reeled in and landed by the first verse: Dürer would have seen a reason for living in a town like this, with eight stranded whales to look at; with the sweet … Continue reading Eight Stranded Whales