Crazy Diamond

 Crazy Diamond. I’m not a good reader of poetry, I do far better if I hear it read, but this one – From Crazy Diamond to Borrowed Light by Oonah Joslin – made me think because of her comment about how it came about. She tells me it was something her mentor said when she was struggling to believe in herself as a poet; he told her that diamonds don’t shine on their own, they borrow light from those who do. Turning the Pink Floyd reference on its head, the imagery that came from this, finding your own light instead of reflecting that … Continue reading Crazy Diamond

Getting all sheepish at the Basement

Joining the flock at The Basement93 tomorrow, and giving those cats a run for their money, Her Royal Woolliness of the House of the Red Wellies. The print is from an original pencil drawing coloured digitally in Rebelle software made by Escapemotions. Her Woolliness appeared originally in Not Being First Fish and other diary dramas as an adjunct to a Michael Fish anecdote (obviously), and if the wind’s in the right direction, there’ll be a copy nearby for a browse and possibly for sale. Several other illustrations are also available as prints so if you see one in the book … Continue reading Getting all sheepish at the Basement

Categories and where things go

I don’t want to think about how long I’ve been using WordPress without a clue how it really works. I still don’t but I’m learning and via the quite unexpected route of the art course. Apparently, if I allocate a category (and who knew how those conducted themselves!), the post, instead of sitting in a little blog-post silo, will funnel readers to a whole page-worth of stuff they might never visit. At least I think that’s how it works. I’m going to tag this Art from words because I’ve just posted some more word-based art there. Update: 1. It didn’t … Continue reading Categories and where things go