Exhibition in the wild – Artivive in an underpass

Originally posted on Exploring Media:
In the language of science, this is a ‘proof of concept’ trial whereby I’m testing the viability of linking graffiti in the underpass of the local bypass to paintings with their own embedded video activate via the Artivive app. My first attempt dropped a sci fi horror from the underside… Continue reading Exhibition in the wild – Artivive in an underpass

I blame OCA …

Time was, you could take a radiator off a wall and someone would come to fill the holes then slap an approximate match of the 30 year old paint onto the gap. But when you’ve spent the best part of four years up to the elbows in every possible kind of media, you’re probably not … Continue reading I blame OCA …


These are the videos we have displayed on the side of your building during the Steyning Arts trail this summer. I hope you had time to take a look while they were there via the Artivive app. Thank you, Khushbu! Continue reading Khushbu


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