Artivive is a way of linking an image to a video without the need for QR codes on the work you’re scanning. Take a painting, for instance; you might want to add an animation or some clips of it being made, or maybe a thank you to whoever’s looking at it. A QR gives the … Continue reading Artivive

Blog supernova!

If this blog suddenly looks larger, bigger, rounder, and more populated with stuff, it’s because I have imported my three Level 1 (HE4) OCA blogs now that they’re safely in the bag at a progressive 56% (Drawing Skills 1), 61% (Practice of Painting), and 67% (Understanding Painting Media). With any luck and a strong following … Continue reading Blog supernova!

Two pieces of news

One is that I’ve been working on paintings to accompany poems due to be published in a Christmas collection, the other is that I was commissioned to make a painting for the cover of a short story collection by a rather good author. The downside, for now, is that I can’t reveal any of them … Continue reading Two pieces of news


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