More local galleries

I began this search because, for a number of reasons, travel to the major galleries is not an easy option. My semi-rural location, the state of public transport, a few physical inconveniences that don’t bother me at all unless they collide, and choosing not to drive in reduced visibility (dusk to dawn, or lousy weather conditions). Luckily, I live in an area that has art at its core. One look at that Pavilion on Grand Parade and you realise you’re in a town that really doesn’t know how to sit down and shut up. Built by the maverick Prince Regent … Continue reading More local galleries

Penny Rowe

Beginning to find my way around OCA resources and this came up; a review of Penny’s Drawing1, Assignment 3 preparatory work. As I’m on Assignment 2 of the same course, have yet to receive feedback on Assignment 1, and still feel somewhat directionless, this is both terrifying and invaluable. Can I do this? Can I do my own version of this? Can I find what I thought was ‘my style’ and apply it to this? Do I even have a style or, if I do, do I want to keep it? Big questions and, recognisably, the start of the deconstruction … Continue reading Penny Rowe