UPM postcard paintings – a video

I’m keen to get a better grip on my video editing software and to begin incorporating better sound tracks and so I used a selection of paintings from one of the earlier exercises to play around with transitions between images and to experiment with adding sound files. I’ve been a little bit rushed (self imposed) with previous films and as a result not really trying out anything new, so the idea was to really rummage around and see what could be achieved with this piece of kit. There’s an upgrade on the horizon, will it be worth the extra outlay? … Continue reading UPM postcard paintings – a video

Part 2, Research point – collections and materials

Tabitha Moses: http://www.tabithamoses.co.uk/page36.htm The web page above, the artist’s own, has been somewhat unreliable as a source; quite often failing to load. Other sources are variable but the overriding message is that she is focused on fertility and uses a great deal of stitch work in her art. Some pieces are satin limbs dotted with sequins or pins and representing the discomfort of eczema or other skin diseases. It is very emotive work that seems driven by Moses’s own experiences. This is from an exhibition/talk in 2019: Tabitha Moses practices at the intersection of art, health and wellbeing; drawing on … Continue reading Part 2, Research point – collections and materials

Part 2, Research point – unusual materials

I have steered round the materials I find uncomfortable; food items for instance which seems profligate and irresponsible at a time people are having to rely on food banks, and in fact when many of us experienced food insecurity for the first time in our lives as shops emptied, supermarkets had no delivery slots, and staples like flour disappeared for months. I’ve also skipped materials that give off fumes because, however interesting they might be, I am unlikely to use those products. This meant going on a search of my own for artists who use unusual materials to make their … Continue reading Part 2, Research point – unusual materials

Part 2, exercise 2:3 – painting on a 3D surface

One of the options for this is a stone, which I interpret as a pebble and which gives me an opportunity to dispose of one that must have come as a gift because it bears an image of a ginger Persian cat in an unlikely pose. I have the penguin in mind for this. Early on in the pandemic, I painted large numbers of pebbles and left them outside for people to take home [a big card reminded people about hand hygiene if they took one and keeping a distance from others while they looked]. Someone called out to me … Continue reading Part 2, exercise 2:3 – painting on a 3D surface