Part 1 – piece of fruit

At the moment, there’s just an apple so – here’s a progression of apples. I’ve used just four colours: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, violet, and cadmium green, (all student grade Royal & Langnickel so not very pigment dense) along with just one brush, a Royal & Langnickel size 6 which is soft, flat, and not very large so ok for A4 size and the little bit of detail I want to trickle in. After letting it dry a little, I added more colour from the same palette then scraped lines into the wet paint with a pebble (a Catalyst W-01). … Continue reading Part 1 – piece of fruit

Assignment 1 tutor feedback

I’d forgotten how containing feedback can be, especially when the subject matter and structure are unfamiliar, so this was very welcome and encouraging, and also gave me direction that I hadn’t managed to extract from the course materials. Frankly, having underlined almost the entire feedback document, I’m struggling with what to extract and respond to. It’s all relevant and I have to say, the pointers you’ve given – artists Paula Rego, Anita Taylor, William Kentridge, and the body of work cast as Symbolism – could hardly be more up my street, I’ve been totally nailed at the first encounter! Then … Continue reading Assignment 1 tutor feedback

Assignment 1 Still life

1st November 2018. I have innumerable dragons and other beasts in my house. This Alien sculpture is made of bolts and fuses and other bits of scrap metal. Each one is unique. This one seems to have too many limbs but who’s going to argue with it! The book is full of Giger’s extraordinary illustrations for the film, Alien; all of them architectural, Gothic and sculptural and full of menace. No wonder the film’s sets were so evocative of ancient echoes and hostile life. The cat survived. Everyone I know, including me, was less concerned about Sigourney Weaver than that … Continue reading Assignment 1 Still life

Part 1 Basic shapes & fundamental form

Project 2 Exercise 1 Groups of objects. It’s a very long time since I worked with anything this size and it’s both exhilarating and alarming – the second because I feel I have much less control over what happens at the end of my arm, and the first precisely because of the second. I was trying to be tight in this first drawing, replicating my approach to smaller sized paper and so not exactly (but unintentionally, not) following the brief. Oddly, most of the items seem better drawn in the photo than they do in real life and I wonder … Continue reading Part 1 Basic shapes & fundamental form

Part 1 Form and gesture

Project 1 Feeling and expression Exercise 1 Expressive lines and marks   I spent quite a long time figuring out what was required here – draw textures, rub textured items with a pencil, stick things onto the page and work with those? I did the dumb thing and drew the dead twig I’ve had in a pot for months. But it wasn’t about drawing, as such, was it? It was about making textures from textured things and experimenting with media and ways of subverting those to serve the image. I think. Top left is the neglected bit of door-frame, scratched … Continue reading Part 1 Form and gesture

Part 1 Calm, anger, joy, and – hm – satisfaction?

This is Exercise 1 and here’s the dreaded blank sheet. First up, Anger as there’s nothing quite like chasing a cyclist down a no-cycling path for getting the grrr factor going. So that’s what using Public Service Broadcasting as background to ‘no, not a clue thank you very much’. PSB’s music is quite fast so it made for more energetic sweeps of the media, and the predictably jagged appearance of most of these is consistent with the association between word shape and perception of softness/spikiness (the Bouba/Kiki effect) which is an influence I can’t really escape very well just because … Continue reading Part 1 Calm, anger, joy, and – hm – satisfaction?

Part 1 Form and gesture

Exercise 1 Temporary patterns Frankly, this warm-up exercise put the frighteners on me so much as to induce brain-freeze. No pencils, no paper, nothing familiar at all about making patterns that disappear in a moment. Why is that alarming? Well, just because, that’s why. The solution was to jump headlong into it*, preferably before I had my eyes open and while that lump of cells in my skull was still chugging along in one of its sleep rhythms, hence this is the most domestic of pattern sets – the breakfast routine. The first, strictly speaking, was not made by me, … Continue reading Part 1 Form and gesture