Subversion – personal painting, #rift

I’m quite fond of subverting what might be described as genre output by juxtaposing or underpinning a relatively traditional piece with something that jolts it a bit. So when I came across an ad for a painting-by-numbers Van Gogh, my mind had already raced to an idea involving tracing and cutting out the numbered areas then enlarging and exploding them over an A1 card. But reality had other ideas. The schematic is printed onto the canvas which, unlike the ones from my childhood, is real and not a piece of cardboard. But even if it had been a firm surface, … Continue reading Subversion – personal painting, #rift

Addressing formative feedback

This session happened a little while ago and so I have had time to reduce detail to concept, although the detail I had requested – whether OCA used an absolute measure for essay word count or the more usual +/- 10% (it’s the latter) – was a welcome one that needed no reduction. Some points, the matter of ethics in research for instance, have become redundant for now as I have decided against running a survey at the forthcoming art trail. My sense is that the logistics of the setting may not be conducive. Another, relating to a discussion about … Continue reading Addressing formative feedback

Essay component: preliminary plan

Key words: Rifts, meaning, physical, digital, and hybrids. These are the key words for the essay required for this module. Rifts because this is the area I’ve focused on for the painting practice component of this module; meaning because I’ve been banging on about making art meaningful to people who may never go to galleries, and physical/digital because art has always made use of whatever new technologies were available to it, from the camera obscura (see Hockney’s 2001 discussion) to Chevreul’s influence on colour theory. And this is before we get to performance art, filmic art, and transient art. There … Continue reading Essay component: preliminary plan

Final post for this module

The assessment results are out today and I’m astonished and delighted to find my work here somehow merited 75%. Many many thanks to my tutor who beamed endless encouragement and prompted thoughtfully throughout. As with all the previous modules, this blog will stay open until the final module of this level (2/HE5) is marked and hopefully passed, at which point I will merge it with Strayfish Arts along with the three Level 1/HE4 units. There will be no more posts here so if you’re following this blog, and I see people slowly arriving over the months, you might like to … Continue reading Final post for this module

Fruit flies like a banana …

Two triumphs in one – my very first home-made greenscreen stop motion video featuring that banana, and an editing discovery that subverts YouTube’s recent no-choice Shorts conversion for videos that might a) be less than a minute long or b) portrait aspect ratio. These links don’t embed in WordPress or are recognised for the making of QR codes so, in case you’re reading this and it’s happening to you, the trick is to edit the link thus: Your YouTube generated link might look something like this: [Note; this link is for illustration only, I removed the video it originally … Continue reading Fruit flies like a banana …